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Weight Management

The word weight management refers to both the strategies and the underlying physiological processes that determine whether a person can reach and maintain a certain weight.

Long-term lifestyle practices that encourage healthy eating and physical exercise are the most common weight management strategies.

Nutrition For Skin & Hair

Poor nutrition and underlying health issues have severe consequences on physical appearance and a diet plan and advice are commonly used to keep healthy skin and hair.

Lifestyle Modification

Long-term habits, such as eating or physical activity, are changed by lifestyle modification, which involves maintaining the new behavior for months or years.

A variety of illnesses, including obesity, may be treated with lifestyle modification.


Immunity-boosting diets may help you improve your overall health as well as your body’s ability to combat bacteria, viruses, and exterior environmental infections.

They may be achieved by following a healthy diet, getting enough nutrition, exercising, and so on.

As a result, the body develops an immunological reaction that promotes health and boosts resistance to illnesses.

Dr. Mirza Haris Baig

Internationally Certified Fitness Expert & Weight Management Specialist

My passion for Healthcare & Wellness has always been the only one that matters. I completed my first fat-to-fit transformation when I was in ninth grade. I entered the Health & Fitness industry to pursue my interest in well-being and health care after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. After graduating in 2020, I opted for a worldwide certification in the health & fitness industry, which led to the launch of I’m a self-motivated and disciplined certified fitness expert residing in India.

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Silver Package
INR 5,499
Body Composition Analysis
Personalized Counseling
Daily Routine Evaluation and Customized Diet Plan
Progress Tracking for Fat Loss
Motivation and Exclusive Tips for Healthy Living
BMI Assessment on a Healthy Scale
Tailored Thirty-Day Plan
Consultation via Text/Call and Beyond
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Gold Package
INR 15,999
Body Composition Analysis
Daily Routine Evaluation and Diet Planning
Fat Loss Progress Tracking
Personal Motivation and Exclusive Tips for Healthy Living
BMI Monitoring on a Healthy Scale
Advocating Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Ninety-Day Wellness Program
Virtual Video Call Sessions
Two Follow-Up Check-ins
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Platinum Package
INR 19,999
Analysis of Body Composition
Evaluation of Daily Routine and Diet Planning
Monitoring Fat Loss Progress
Providing Personal Motivation, Secret Tips, and Encouraging Healthy Living
BMI Assessment on a Healthy Scale
Consultation Available via Text or Call
Tailored Advanced Diet with Proven Tips
Revealing Exercise Facts and Techniques for a Healthy Lifestyle
Encouraging Healthy Living Practices
Detailed Body Composition and Frame Analysis
Regular Performance and Routine Assessments
Monthly Tracking of Weight and Fat Loss Progress
Personalized Diet and Exercise Program based on Your Analysis Results
180-Day Program
Seven Diet Plan Adjustments Included
Assured Results
Five Follow-Up Calls
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