Our Work Policy

Welcome to the Future of Work

At Weshapesoul, we’re redefining what it means to work in the 21st century. Our work policy is designed to inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and promote well-being—all within a flexible, remote environment where you can truly thrive.

Embrace the Remote Life

Empowerment from Anywhere

Imagine working from your favourite coffee shop, a cozy home office, or even a beachside cabana. At Weshapesoul, our fully remote model gives you the freedom to choose your workspace, boosting creativity and productivity.

Flexibility at Its Best

  • Your Hours, Your Way: Forget the 9-to-5 grind. Set your own schedule to meet deadlines and join essential meetings, while enjoying the flexibility to balance work and life.
  • Time Mastery: We trust you to manage your time effectively, so you can deliver great results without the constraints of traditional office hours.

Seamless Collaboration

  • Tech-Savvy Tools: From Slack channels buzzing with ideas to Zoom calls that bring us face-to-face, we use cutting-edge tools to keep everyone connected and on track.
  • Virtual Syncs: Regular virtual gatherings ensure we stay aligned, share progress, and brainstorm new ways to push boundaries.

Prioritizing Well-being

  • Mental Health First: Take breaks, enjoy mental health days, and tap into our flexible vacation policies to recharge and stay inspired.
  • Wellness Support: Access wellness programs, mental health resources, and support groups to maintain your overall well-being.

Communication: The Heartbeat of Our Culture

Open Channels for Open Minds

  • Stay Transparent: We believe in open communication. Regular updates and clear channels keep everyone informed and engaged.
  • Feedback Loop: Your voice matters. Through regular feedback sessions and surveys, we continuously refine our work environment based on your insights.

Building Strong Connections

  • Virtual Hangouts: From online game nights to themed workshops, we host regular virtual events to strengthen our bonds and celebrate our wins.
  • Inclusive Vibes: Diversity is our strength. We ensure every team member feels valued, heard, and part of our vibrant community.

Grow, Shine, and Succeed

Professional Development

  • Endless Learning: Dive into a world of learning with our online courses, workshops, and webinars designed to fuel your professional growth.
  • Career Pathways: Clear and exciting career paths await, helping you navigate your journey and achieve long-term success.

Performance and Recognition

  • Regular Check-ins: Constructive feedback and goal-setting sessions help you stay on track and reach new heights.
  • Celebrate Success: We love to celebrate! Exceptional achievements are recognized and rewarded through our dynamic recognition programs.

Policies with Purpose

Code of Conduct

  • Professional Excellence: We expect all employees to uphold professionalism and respect for colleagues and clients.
  • Ethical Commitment: High ethical standards guide everything we do, ensuring integrity in all our actions.

Compliance and Security

  • Data Guardians: Your security is our priority. Robust measures protect company and client information.
  • Legal Integrity: Compliance with local, national, and international laws is a must for all our team members.

Contractual Work: Opportunities for Every Talent

Why Choose Contractual Work with Us?

At Weshapesoul, we understand that traditional employment isn’t for everyone. That’s why we offer dynamic contract-based opportunities, allowing freelancers and contractors to collaborate with us on exciting projects.

Flexibility and Freedom

  • Project-Based Engagements: Work on diverse projects that align with your skills and interests, with clear scopes and timelines.
  • Flexible Arrangements: Enjoy flexible terms and conditions tailored to suit both short-term and long-term contracts.

Inclusive Collaboration

  • Seamless Integration: Contractors are integral to our team, participating in virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and social events.
  • Resource Access: Gain access to our digital tools, wellness programs, and professional development resources just like full-time employees.

Professional Growth

  • Skill Enhancement: Contractual work at Weshapesoul offers opportunities to expand your portfolio, sharpen your skills, and collaborate with top industry professionals.
  • Pathway to Permanence: Outstanding contractors may be considered for full-time positions based on performance and mutual interest.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

At Weshapesoul, we’re not just offering jobs—we’re crafting experiences that empower you to live your best life while making a meaningful impact. Ready to shape the future of wellness with us?

For any questions or further details about our work policy, reach out to HR at wecare@weshapesoul.com.

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