The Problem With Close Set Eyes And How To Address It

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Are you ready to take control of your close set eyes?

The struggle with makeup can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our blog, “The Problem with Close Set Eyes and How to Address It,” is here to empower you with simple, effective tips to enhance your eye appearance.

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Understanding Close Set Eyes

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What Are Close Set Eyes?

  • Definition: Close set eyes are positioned less than one eyeball width apart. This facial feature is more common than you might think.
  • Visuals: Images and diagrams can help you better understand what close set eyes look like.

Common Misconceptions


  • 1: One myth is that close set eyes are unattractive. This is not true.
  • 2: Another myth is that they are harder to apply makeup to. With the right techniques, this is manageable.

Reality Check

  • 1: All eye shapes are beautiful and unique.
  • 2: Many celebrities have close set eyes and look stunning. For example, Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus have close set eyes.

Makeup Tips for Close Set Eyes

  • 1: Use light shades on the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear wider.
  • 2: Extend eyeliner and eyeshadow outward to create an illusion of more space between your eyes.
  • 3: Apply mascara to the outer lashes to draw attention away from the inner corners.

Close set eyes are just one of many beautiful eye shapes. With the right makeup tips and techniques, you can enhance your natural beauty and feel more confident.

Embrace your unique features and experiment with different styles to find the best for you.

Challenges Faced by People with Close Set Eyes

close set eyes

Makeup Application Difficulties

Eye Shadow Placement

If you’re finding that traditional eye shadow techniques don’t work well for your close set eyes, you’re not alone. Many people with this eye shape face the same challenge. Typical eye shadow placement can make the eyes appear even closer together, but there are solutions.

  • Example: Using dark shades on the inner corners can emphasize closeness.
  • Tip: Light shades on the inner corners make eyes look wider apart.

Eyeliner Issues

Applying eyeliner can be tricky for those with close set eyes. The usual methods may not flatter or enhance their beauty.

  • Example: A thick line all around the eye can make it look smaller.
  • Tip: Extend the eyeliner outward to create an illusion of wider eyes.

Mascara Application

Mascara can either enhance or detract from the appearance of close set eyes. Proper application techniques are essential.

  • Example: Applying too much mascara on the inner lashes draws attention to the center.
  • Tip: Focus more on the outer lashes for a balanced look.

Self-Confidence Impact

Psychological Effects

Having close set eyes can affect self-esteem and confidence. Society often promotes certain beauty standards that can influence how people feel about their appearance.

  • Example: Feeling insecure because your eyes don’t match “ideal” looks.
  • Fact: Embrace your unique features to boost self-confidence (Psychological Effects of Beauty Standards).

Social Perception

Societal beauty standards impact how individuals with close set eyes perceive themselves and are perceived by others.

  • Example: Believing that close set eyes are less attractive due to media portrayal.
  • Fact: Many celebrities with this feature are considered beautiful (Celebrity Inspirations).

Understanding these challenges, you can better navigate your makeup routine and boost your self-esteem. Remember, all eye shapes are unique and beautiful.

Embrace your natural look and experiment with different techniques to find what enhances your beauty most. The key is to feel confident in your own skin, regardless of societal beauty standards. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Makeup Techniques to Enhance Close Set Eyes

close set eyes

Creating the Illusion of Wider Set Eyes

Eye Shadow Techniques

Light vs Dark Shadows

Light Inner Corners: Applying lighter shades to the inner corners can create a widening effect. This trick draws light to the area, making eyes appear further apart.

  • Example: Use a white or champagne color on the inner corners (Lighter Shades).

Dark Outer Corners: Darker shades on the outer corners can add depth and width, naturally drawing the eye’s attention outward.

  • Example: Apply a dark brown or black shade to the outer corners (Darker Shades).
Eyeliner Tricks

Winged Liner: Applying winged eyeliner elongates the eyes. Extending the liner outwards provides a visual lift.

  • Example: Extend the liner slightly beyond the lash line (Winged Eyeliner Guide).

Tightlining: Tightlining the upper lash line makes the eyes appear more open. This technique adds subtle definition.

  • Example: Use a pencil liner close to the lashes (Tightlining Tips).

Avoiding Over-Lining: Avoid over-lining the upper lid. Over-lining can make eyes look closer together.

  • Tip: Focus on thin, clean lines for precision (Proper Eyeliner Application).
Brow Shaping

Arch Placement: Moving the brow arch slightly outward helps balance close set eyes. This adjustment creates space visually.

  • Tip: Pluck or shape your brow arch further from the center (Brow Shaping Tips).

Brow Filling: Filling brows can enhance eye spacing. A fuller, well-shaped brow can redefine your look.

  • Tip: Use a brow pencil or powder to detail brows (Brow Filling Techniques).
Highlighting and Contouring

Highlighting Techniques: Apply a highlighter to emphasize the distance between the eyes. Focus on the bridge of the nose and the inner eye area.

  • Guide: A shimmery highlighter works best for this trick (Highlighting Tips).

Contouring Tips: Use contour to subtly reshape the appearance of the eye area. Contouring adds depth and dimension.

  • Example: Apply a matte bronzer to the side of the nose (Contouring Guide).
Mascara and Lashes

Application Tips: Applying mascara can draw attention outward. Focus on the outer lashes to elongate the eyes.

  • Tip: Use a curling mascara for the best results (Mascara Tips).

False Lashes: False lashes can create the illusion of wider eyes. Choose lashes that favor the outer corners.

  • Example: Use half lashes on the outer corners for a subtle lift (False Lashes Application).

Following these makeup techniques can help enhance the appearance of close set eyes. Embrace these tips and experiment to find what works best for you. All eye shapes are unique; these methods will ensure your natural beauty shines through.

Skincare Tips for Close Set Eyes

close set eyes

Taking care of the skin around your eyes is crucial, especially for those with close set eyes. Proper skin care can enhance your natural beauty and prevent unwanted issues.

Eye Area Care

Hydration: It is essential to keep the delicate skin around your eyes hydrated. Use an eye cream that contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. This helps to keep the skin plump and youthful.

  • Example: Apply a small amount of hydrating eye cream twice daily.

Puffiness Reduction: Reducing puffiness can make a significant difference. Cool compresses, eye masks, and caffeine products can help reduce swelling.

  • Tip: Place a cold spoon on your eyes for a few minutes (Puffiness Reduction Tips).

Dark Circles: Dark circles can draw unwanted attention to close set eyes. Products with vitamin C, retinol, and peptides are excellent for brightening this area.

  • Example: Use a dark circle cream with vitamin C before bedtime for best results.

Anti-Aging Strategies

Avoiding Fine Lines: Fine lines can make your eyes look tired. Use products rich in antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients like retinol to keep the skin firm.

  • Tip: Apply anti-aging eye serum every night to reduce fine lines.

Firming Creams: Firming creams help to tone the skin around your eyes. Look for creams with peptides and collagen to maintain skin elasticity.

  • Recommendation: Use a firming eye cream with peptides for best results.

Following these simple tips can maintain healthy and youthful skin around your eyes. Remember, consistency is key. Regular care will enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence.

If you found these tips helpful, check out more on our blog or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest skincare trends and recommendations.

Fashion Tips for Close Set Eyes

close set eyes

When accessorizing, it’s crucial to choose items that draw attention away from the center of your face.

Glasses Frames

Wide Frames: Opt for broader, rectangular glass frames. These frames create a wider appearance.

Decorative Sides: Glasses with embellished sides or temples attract attention outward.


The right hairstyle can effectively balance the appearance of close set eyes.

Haircuts and Styles

Side Parts: A side part can visually shift your eyes further apart.

Volume Around Temples: Adds width to the face, balancing close set eyes.

Bangs: Side-swept bangs can soften the look and add distance between the eyes.

Makeup Tips

Makeup techniques can further enhance your eyes and make them appear wider.

Highlighting and Contouring

Highlight the Inner Corners: Use a bright shade on the inner corners to open up the eyes.

Selecting Colors

Color choices can significantly influence how close set eyes are perceived.

Light Colors on Inner Corners: Apply lighter shades towards the inner corners.

Example: Use a white or champagne eyeshadow.

Dark Colors on Outer Corners: Darker shades on outer corners add depth and draw the eye outward.

Example: Choose a dark brown or black eyeshadow.
These fashion and makeup tips for close set eyes aim to provide practical and easy-to-implement advice. Experimenting with different techniques can help find what best enhances your unique features. Remember, confidence is the best accessory you can wear.

5 Personal Stories and Testimonials

close set eyes

Real-Life Experiences

1. Emily’s Transformation

Emily always found her close-set eyes to be a challenge. After reading up on makeup tips for close-set eyes, she decided to try them out.

  • Before: Emily’s eyes appeared closer, making her feel self-conscious.
  • After: Using side-swept bangs and a highlighting technique on the inner corners of her eyes, Emily noticed a remarkable difference. Her eyes looked wider, and her confidence soared.

2. Mark’s New Look

Mark wanted to change his look with a new pair of glasses. He researched frames that would accommodate his close-set eyes.

3. Sarah’s Skincare Routine

Sarah struggled with puffiness around her close set eyes. She sought advice on improving her skincare routine.

4. Tom’s Evening Out

Tom wanted a stylish haircut to balance his close set eyes. He found the perfect solution online.

  • Before: Tom’s old haircut made his eyes stand out in a way he didn’t like.
  • After: With a side part bob and using a volumizing spray, Tom’s new style added width to his face, making his eyes less prominent.

5. Lisa’s Makeup Magic

Lisa was determined to improve her makeup routine for her close set eyes. She tried various techniques with great success.

These personal stories show that following simple tips and techniques can make a significant difference for people with close set eyes. Implementing these strategies can help you achieve a more balanced and attractive appearance.


1. Can close set eyes be made to look wider without surgery?

Yes, close set eyes can be made to appear wider through non-surgical methods. Techniques such as applying makeup strategically, choosing the right hairstyles, and selecting appropriate eyewear frames can create the illusion of wider-set eyes.

2. What are the best makeup tips for close-set eyes?

To enhance the appearance of close-set eyes with makeup, use lighter shades on the inner corners and darker shades on the outer corners. Highlight the inner corners with a bright or shimmery shade, and use eyeliner to extend the outer edges of your eyes. Additionally, applying mascara more heavily on the outer lashes can provide a wider look.

3. Are there specific hairstyles that help balance close set eyes?

Yes, certain hairstyles can help balance close set eyes. Side-swept bangs, hairstyles with volume around the temples, and side parts can create a visual shift that makes the eyes appear further apart. Experimenting with different styles can help determine what works best for your face shape.

4. What type of eyeglass frames should I choose for close set eyes?

When selecting eyeglass frames for close set eyes, it is best to choose frames with wide, embellished temples that draw attention outward. Rectangular or oval frames can also help balance the face and make the eyes appear less close together.

5. Are there any skincare routines that can help with the appearance of close set eyes?

Skincare routines can improve the overall appearance of the eye area. Using hydrating eye creams can reduce puffiness and brighten the skin around the eyes. Cold compresses or spoons can minimize puffiness, contributing to a refreshed look that draws attention away from the proximity of the eyes.

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